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Human Needs

Roger Moore's life in the extremes, he has experienced the life of a film star and also a UNICEF Ambassador. Roger has seen desperation well below the psychological levels of provision and witnessed this at first hand.

Psychologists understand we need certain needs to make our human life liveable, which in the affluent western world is mostly provided for. In the Third World this is not the case. People of the third world often live in intolerable situations which are totally horrific. It is these people that organisations like UNICEF and Kiwanis are trying to help and educate, saving human life.

Roger Moore and Peter Ustinov - April 2001

To put human needs in perspective we will briefly reflect the classic works of A H Maslow who formulated a hierarchy of human wants and needs into five basic categories. Firstly creature comforts at the top dropping down to security, social instinct, Ego gratification, and last self-actualization.

The three high level needs are ego related, including recognition, status, ability to demonstrate high achievement, competence, creativity, etc but the two lower levels are the basic necessities of life, that are the absolute requirements of life, and it is these that are largely missing in many third world countries.

This horrific lack of the basic requirements that we take for granted in the western world, is the subject that the likes of charities like UNICEF / Kiwanis are trying to help with the good will of many people.

Roger Moore

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