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Caroline Munro Interview

Could you tell us about Roger Moore both the actor and the man and what his main human qualities are?

Roger is a very underestimated actor. He is also very self-deprecating, which he needn't be because he really is a good actor.
He's certainly a very generous actor and allows you to experiment, which is a wonderful quality to have and be able to share with others. He's not one of those actors that always feels like they have to be center stage and of course because of that being around him was so easy. He's such a good man - I really enjoyed working with him.

Roger is also an extremely funny man with a wicked sense of humor. I know that people on the set of Spy had great regard and respect for him. He is also extremely kind and is a great humanitarian - the incredible work he does for children through UNICEF is amazing. He is a great Ambassador for them.

Roger is an uncomplicated man - he's what you see. He's certainly imposing physically but unaffected by his fame. He's a very good man!

Being on a set of a super production like "James Bond" with a big star (and big personality) like Roger Moore was a special experience in your career?

It was a fantastic experience for me and I'm sure for any actor or actress to work on a Bond movie.

To sum up my whole experience, using words from Spy, "nobody does it better!" It was such a spectacular production. I have never been treated better - I was treated like royalty.

Under Cubby Broccoli's wing we always felt like members of one big family and this continues today through his daughter, Barbara, who carries on the family tradition so superbly.

We know Roger Moore as a big joker, do you have some anecdotes from "The Spy Who Loved Me" to tell? 

The only stories I have to tell would leave me blushing for telling them. They were naughty but nice. Although the stories are not suitable for print, suffice it to say I always had great fun on the set and Roger was always a true gentlemen.

Many people and Roger Moore himself consider "The Spy Who Loved Me" as a great James Bond, perhaps the best of Roger Moore. What is your opinion?

I know Roger loved that film. He was very happy with its result, as was I. I definitely think it was one of the better Bonds - Roger was superb in it. After his other Bond movies, and by the time he came to doing Spy, he really was Bond - he had really gotten under the skin of Bond. I know how difficult it must be to step into another Bond's shoes, but Roger brought his own tongue-in-cheek personality that made his Bond unforgettable.

Roger had a very different style from all the other Bonds, and what a style it was! I also think the introduction of Jaws' character made Spy even more memorable. Spy was not a Bond film with tons of special effects.

It was simply a great story with a great Bond.

Were you astonished by the engagement of Roger Moore to the UNICEF cause?

No, not at all. There are certain people you meet in your life that you just know will go on to do great things and Roger's work with UNICEF is very much that - great! It's a perfect pairing. Roger is a great Ambassador. You just know he loves the work as much as the work loves him because his heart is in it. I was very pleased when I heard of the engagement - he's definitely the right man for the job.

Could you tell us some words about your projects and your website?

This past year has been very busy - mostly personal appearances. I also attended two film festivals that were very interesting and fun to do. The first was in southern Spain where I had been asked to be on the festival's panel of judges. This was a wonderful experience. I got to spend a week in beautiful Spain just watching these wonderful foreign films. Then I attended the Filmbeurs film festival in Holland. The people there were so friendly and warm. I can't wait to return.

My website is run by the very hard working John Scoleri. He has done such a great job putting together this site which offers information about my Fan Club, photo galleries, link sites, a message board, etc. We also have a Fan Club e-mail address so please, if anyone has questions or just needs general information, feel free to contact the Fan Club at carolinemunro@yahoo.com

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