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Baron DeVeré Austin Interview

The Baron & Baroness of Delvin


The Baron DeVeré-Austin of Delvin, also known as Raymond Austin.

Film maker, director, producer, novelist, screenwriter.

Best known in the U.S. and U.K. for his prolific work on numerous television programs.

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When and under which circumstances did you meet Roger Moore for the first time?

"I first meet Roger Moore when I was performing stunts on Ivanhoe, the television series. Then later, I worked with him as stunt-actor on his television series of the Saint. Very soon after this I became the second unit director thanks to Brian Clemens on the Avengers. Some weeks later I went to Roger's partner Robert Baker and asked him for the chance to direct the Saint. He said he would have to talk to Roger as it was his name up there on the screen. Well, what can I tell you. Roger said yes and I got to direct  my fist show as a main unit director. It, and he were a joy. Roger, as always made it a pleasure. Any nerves I had disappeared from the moment I did my first shot with him in front of the Camera, and my behind it.

That day opened the doors to many other shows and the door stayed open. I am still directing and writing. And it started with that first Saint".

Can you tell us how the "young" Roger Moore was back in those days, I mean his relationship both with other actors and the shooting team?

"Roger as far as I know has never changed. On the set he has always been a gentleman and considerate of his fellow actors. He is one of the most helpful artist I have ever worked with. A perfect day for me on set would be to shoot a scene with Roger Moore and Robert Wagner. Two of the best".

Do you have still contact with him. Could you tell us how he has evolved as a  person and what his good and lesser qualities are?

"I haven't seen Roger in a long time. But I am sure that if I walked into a room with Roger in it . . . He would be the same man I have know through the years. A friend and remarkably kind human being. Roger Moore's is one of the Good Guys".

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