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Richard Kiel Interview

Richard Kiel, who is best known for his roles as "Jaws" in the James Bond films but  has been an actor for nearly thirty-eight years, and is happy to back Roger Moore / UNICEF charity web site.
 Below is an exclusive interview for Roger Moore's official web site,  including  a few pictures from, The Spy Who Loved Me.
A wonderful  catalogue of pictures can be purchased of Richard Kiel in action on many films and programmes, and is on display on his official web site by clicking his banner at the top of this page.
 Richard said "I would be happy to do something in support of UNICEF so I will be very pleased to donate one-third of the proceeds of photos sold from Roger-Moore.com". So if you purchase a wonderful picture from the Richard Kiel site after finding him on Roger Moore's site, could you inform him so he can donate to UNICEF.

All pictures are superb value with  8 x 10 color autographed photos just $15.00, black and white autographed photos just $10.00, and  Richard says   "I will personally autograph them & add "Jaws"
Take a look at his extremely interesting gallery of pictures by clicking his banner to the left.

This is an exclusive by Richard Kiel, and MUST NOT be reproduced in any form without permission Alan Davidson and Marie-France Vienne copyright 12/07/00. Thank you Richard and all the best to you! Marie-France and Alan.

Making it BIG in The Movies by Richard Kiel - Foreword by Roger Moore


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Could you tell us about Roger both the actor and the man and what his main human qualities are?

"Suffice it to say that his heart is bigger than his ego which is very unusual among movie stars".

Were you astonished to find out about his engagement to the UNICEF-cause and what do you think of the things he has already achieved?

"Not at all surprised. It's just the kind of thing that you'd expect a man with a big heart to do. I'm not familiar with the actual details of his achievements so I cannot comment on that. Perhaps you can bring us all up to speed on that one as I am sure everyone would like to know".

Could you tell us some anecdotes of things that happened during the shooting of the two James Bond-movies in which you both played?

"Both Roger and I have a sense of humor and he in particular didn't take himself, or the role as seriously as some big ego movie stars would have. This led to scenes such as the one in "The Spy Who Loved Me" where I drop the big block in frustration and it inadvertently lands on my foot or the scene where he smiles at me and I smile back with my big steel teeth only to find that I'm about to be yanked up by the teeth by a huge electromagnet which Roger has cleverly turned on above me. "How does that grab you?" says Roger. In Moonraker, Drax is about to destroy the world by firing three missiles at earth from his space station. Each missile contains something designed to kill hundreds of millions of people. It was a difficult scene to play without being melodramatic as he and the lovely Lois Chiles had a scene where they discuss this problem as the missiles fly by (I was looking on, having already been turned into a good guy). Roger took the pressure off and got everyone to lighten up by getting a very small prop man to dress up like a little green Martian who suddenly pops up in the middle of our scene with his antennae wiggling to and fro. I'll never forget how we all laughed. Earlier in the movie when I was still a bad guy, Roger and Lois see me chasing them inside the tram at Sugar Loaf Man. in Rio. Lois is terrified at seeing a giant man with huge steel choppers chasing them and gasps out "who's that!" Roger replies "his name is Jaws." "You know him" asks Lois incredulously. Roger, playing Bond with his dry English humor says "not socially, he kills people." It was scenes like these that made Roger's James Bond portrayals such a tremendous success. I remember sitting in the screening room with my wife Diane watching the scene where the underwater Lotus car comes out of the water on the beach at Sardinia. Roger nonchalantly opens the window and drops a stray fish out of the window. Cubby Broccoli turned to the journalist between us and said "of course that won't be in the movie." Later, when we were alone, my wife, Diane said to me. "That's not going to be in the movie? Why not? That was funny!" Of course, all of these scenes ended up in those films and although some of the fans who looked at the Bond films too seriously and wanted to believe every minute was real found these moments too silly for their liking, the general public ate them up and these two films in yesterdays dollars were huge successes".

It is totally understandable that actors get categorized by there looks, but taken over all has your height been an advantage to promoting your career in the direction you would like, or an obstacle you have utilized to make the best of?

"When I got in the business, extra big people like me were expected to play the Frankenstein monster or to be dumb like Lenny in "Of mice and men." In the beginning it frustrated me because I wasn't like either stereotype and I resented such implications. I was blessed, however, to have had a splendid seventeen-year career as a working actor prior to playing Jaws where I experienced all kinds of roles. It was during that time that I discovered that audiences enjoyed the parts more that were bigger than life then they did the real me so I just went with it and tried to have fun doing them. Some people have criticized my portrayal as being like Wily Coyote in the "Roadrunner" cartoons. This pleases me to no end as that was exactly what I was trying to achieve. I always felt sorry for the coyote as he was constantly being blown up and having buildings fall on him, but he never gave up did he? Sound familiar. I believe that most people view the James Bond series as a delightful fantasy where you buy a movie ticket and get to go all over the world with this bigger than life character who goes through women like a box of tissues, never taking them or himself seriously. That's the charm of the series, it takes us away from the hum drum every day life problems and catapults us into a world of luxury and fantastic gadgets not to mention Holly Godhead or the fabulous Anya. This is what Roger was so good at and I'm glad to see them getting back on track with the newest Bonds".

Obviously in your long career you have played many roles, but what kind of impact on your life did landing the role of Jaws have?

"It took me from being a successful working actor who people in America recognized but didn't know my name to a world wide movie character who got so much publicity that the name Richard Kiel became a household word in Finland. I did two movies in Taiwan, another in Hong Kong and a milk commercial and a Sharp products commercial in Japan just because I was Jaws in James Bond. Now, when I go to an airport people look at me amazed and ask "What are you doing here?" I guess they expect me to live in a space capsule".

Take a look at some superb autographed pictures very kindly sent by Richard Kiel.
Click this link to see them all. "Don't you just love this drawing of two fine characters"

This is an exclusive by Richard Kiel, and MUST NOT be reproduced in any form without permission Alan Davidson and Marie-France Vienne copyright 12/07/00. Thank you Richard and all the best to you! Marie-France and Alan.
Roger Moore

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