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Roger Moore in the series "Maverick" - episode guide

Notable tv guest appearance - as Jack Vandergelt III

1. The Rivals (Leslie H. Martinson) 25/01/1959

Episode 45: Lydia Linley is a young heiress who yearns for a man like Sydney Carton of A Tale of Two Cities - "a man of warmth, imagination, courage, and a sense of adventure." Jack Vandergelt III (Roger Moore) is in love with Lydia but knows she will have nothing to do with him because he is rich. Vandergelt hires Bret Maverick to switch identities with him in hopes that Lydia will love and accept him for who he is before she realizes he is a Vandergelt. The plan goes smoothly until Jack Vandergelt's father unexpectedly arrives in town.

As regular - Cousin Beauregard Maverick (1960-61; 13 episodes of season 4)

2. Bundle from Britain (Leslie H. Martinson) 18/09/1960

Episode 80: This is the episode that introduces Roger Moore as Cousin Beauregard Maverick. Beau is considered the "white sheep" of the family because he had the misfortune of earning a medal in the Civil War. (He had won the medal purely by accident.) Pappy had banished him to England for five years because no Maverick had ever been a hero. Bart Mavrick greets Beau upon his return to America and enlists his cousin to impersonate the son of the Marquis of Bognor, who had been indentured to work on a ranch in Wyoming for six months. The Maverick cousins stand to earn $4,000, but the play goes awry when Beau is kidnapped by a man who wants to settle a grudge with the Marquis.

3. The Town That Wasn't There (Herbert L. Strock) 02/10/1960

Episode 82: Beau Maverick wins ownership of the Silver Hill, a worthless ore mine. A crooked railroad agent named Shanks tries to cheat the townspeople out of their land by offering them a price that is well below market value. Beau convinces the town to relocate Silver Hill to a sheep ranch twenty miles away. The plan backfires when a new vein of silver is discovered in the supposedly worthless Silver Hill mine, thus enabling Shanks to claim the land without cost. The only hope is for the town to relocate back to Silver Hill before the railroad takes over the land.

4. Last Wire from Stop Gap (Lee Sholem) 16/10/1960

Episode 84: On their way to Denver, Beau and Bart Maverick pick up $6,500 in a poker game at Stop Gap. They decide to wire the money to Denver through the Hulett Telegraph Company. They discover the company is a fake and that the telegraph line leads to a cave two miles away where the crooks stash the customers' money and send phony messages in return. The cousins devise a scheme to recover the money and put the company out of business.

5. A Bullet for the Teacher (Lee Sholem) 30/10/1960

Episode 86: In St. Joseph, Missouri, Beau Maverick wins halfl-ownership of the Golden Wheel Casino. The business venture is short-lived when his partner, Rand Storm, is shot to death by Flo Baker. Storm was a notorious ladies' man and Flo, a female entertainer, was resisting his advances. Just before he dies, Rand tells his younger brother, Luke, that the shooting was an accident. But Luke has Beau framed for murder so that he can take over the business.

6. Thunder from the North (William Dario Faralla) 18/11/1960

Episode 88: Two Army shopkeepers, Marsh and Lawson, have been cheating the local Indian tribes by supplying them with faulty or inferior goods. When one of the tribeswomen named Pale Moon threatens to report them to the Army Commission, the shopkeepers decide to start a war with the Indians. They know the Army will not investigate the woman's claim if they are at war. Marsh and Lawson murder Pale Moon's brother and pin the crime on the stranger who won $2,500 from them the night before - Beau Maverick.

7. Bolt from the Blue (Robert Altman) 27/11/1960

Episode 90: Beau Maverick befriends a prospector named Ebenezer Bolt. Maverick is unaware that Bolt is the partner of notorious horse thief Benson January. An angry posse mistakes Beau for January and is determined to hang him. A young lawyer manages to halt the proceedings until Maverick can have a trial. Beau's conviction seems imminent when the lawyer locates a notorious "hanging judge" and a woman whose sister was engaged to January identifies Maverick as the horse thief.

8. Kiz (Robert Douglas) 04/12/1960

Episode 91: Beau Maverick crashes a party in Virginia City thrown by eccentric socialite Kiz Bouchet. Kiz has a penchant for smoking cigars, playing poker, and fighting fires. Recognizing Beau as a fellow free spirit, she hires him to protect her. She believes her life is in danger. Beau discovers that Kiz's cousin Melissa, along with family doctor Pittman and attorney Hanford, are plotting to have Kiz judged incompent so they can split her $2 million inheritance. Beau comes up with a scheme to turn the tables on Melissa.

9. The Bold Fenian Man (Irving J. Moore) 18/12/1960

Episode 93: The Fenians, an Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood, are trained soldiers sworn to free Ireland from British rule. The Fenians have gathered in Dakota City to plan a march into Canada where they want to take hold of a small part of British property hostage in exchange for Ireland's freedom. After England pressures the United States to intervene, Beau Maverick is blackmailed into infiltrating the Fenians ranks by a shrewd Army colonel.

10. Family Pride (John Ainsworth) 08/01/1961

Episode 96: In New Mexico, Beau Maverick is taken for over $4,500 ($4,000 of which belong to his friend Jerry O'Brien) by con artists Warren and Crippen and Warren's granddaughter Rosanne. Beau tries to recover the money and even takes the threesome to court, but they outsmart him every time. Beau is so demoralized by the constant defeats, he believes he has disgraced the Maverick name - until Rosanne tells him that her grandmother was a Maverick.

11. Dutchman's Gold (Robert Douglas) 22/01/1961

Episode 98: Beau Maverick wins half-ownership in the Blue Bell Saloon in Arizona. In an attempt to raise funds for the floundering business, Beau and his partner Charlotte become partners with a mysterious gold prospector known only as the Dutchman. Along the trail to Superstition Mountain where the gold is located, Beau, Charlotte, and the Dutchman encounter danger in various forms.

12. Diamond Flush (Andrew McCullough) 05/02/1961

Episode 100: Con artist Ferguson knocks Beau Maverick unconscious during an unsuccessful attempt to hoist a priceless diamond necklace from a French countess. Ferguson claims that the countess' diamond is fake and that he was in the process of replacing it with the real thing when Beau startled him. Ferguson offers Maverick $5,000 to switch diamonds. Beau is being set up for robbery by Ferguson and his equally devious wife.

13. Flood's Folly (Irving J. Moore) 19/02/1961

Episode 102: Outside Denver, Colorado, Beau and his friend, Judge Scott, find shelter during a blizzard at the home of Martha Flood and her niece Sally. Martha and the judge are plotting to institutionalize Sally in order to take over her inheritance. However, Martha's lover, a professional killer named Chet Whitehead plans to kill Sally, the judge, and Maverick.

14. Red Dog (Paton Price) 05/03/1961

Episode 104: Beau Maverick stumbles onto the cave site meeting place of five outlaws. They were summoned by a bandit named Jess in order to plan a big job. Mavrick passes himself as the notorious Texas outlaw Red Dog. The outlaws become suspicious of Beau when he declines to join them in a $500,000 bank robbery scheme.


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