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There's Moore Than Meets The Eye?

Roger Moore's fashion world as a Real Persuader!

By Alan Davidson

This is an exclusive and MUST NOT be reproduced in any form without permission copyright  2005 sirrogermoore.com.

Material supplied for this real life story came from David Wilkinson former business partner and friend of Roger Moore and was given to Alan Davidson for use only on www.sirrogermoore.com. Thank you David, a very nice, helpful and genuinely charming gentleman. All documents are the property of David Wilkinson and under no circumstances must any part of this unique story be reproduced without permission.

Left to right David Wilkinson, Patricia Rushton and Roger Moore

Interview with David Wilkinson

This is a very interesting glimpse at the real life of Roger and his time as director at Pearson and Foster between 1968 and 1972. The company produced clothes for both Roger Moore and Tony Curtis for use on The Persuaders. Roger Moore was introduced to David Wilkinson by Patricia Rushton, and initially Roger was under contract in the field of designing and marketing men's outerwear fabrics. Roger  was paid to travel 3/4 weeks per year to various parts of the world promoting the company, but it is clear from the letters and talking to David Wilkinson, Roger was ideal because he genuinely enjoyed the whole scene and had great interest in designing and clothes, with a background in art and able to draw his own designs, hopefully to be displayed soon on the site.


Later on Roger was actually brought in by the company as a director on the board. David told me he found Roger an absolutely superb  man to encounter on every level, and during their business friendship David flew in the private company plane down to visit Roger on the set of both The Saint at Elstree, and The Persuaders at Pinewood studios. David said if you were on set  with Roger and anyone new came in, Roger although he did not have to would immediately go to them and say "hello", and make them at ease no matter statues. I will with the help of David and the documentation build up a picture of Roger, and his involvement in the clothing world during his four year period with Pearson and Foster also during his time as a Persuader.    

  The uniqueness of the documents is lost i think if i just retype them out so with all interesting information and contracts i will give a brief description and then a hyper link so if you would like to read the actual document  you can.This is a letter that all Persuaders fans will like unfortunately it was taken from the original its only a poor copy but its just readable  

A Letter to David Wilkinson from Roger Moore actually on the set of The Persuaders, expressing his inability to get through his correspondence due to work load on The Persuaders. Also expressing his delight about a fabrics supplied. At the bottom of the letter it states Directors Robert S Baker / Roger Moore / John Goodman.

Letter headed Television Reporters International / TRIBUNE PRODUCTION

From managing directors Office this letter 

Since Mr. Moore's appointment to our board an announcement as been made by  Sir Lew Grade concerning " The Friendly Persuaders" a new series.  Tony Curtis is  to leave Hollywood and feature films in order to live in Britain for five years and co star with Mr. Roger Moore in the series for TV for five year.

Sir Lew announced " I expect this to be the biggest- selling TV series in the world". By 1975, annual revenue from the series is forecast an US Dollars $45,000,000.

Mr. Moore plays the part of sophisticated, titled Englishman traveling the world  with his American partner ( Tony Curtis).

Prestige and sales advantage to our customers working with  The Roger Moore Collection will be considerable.

1. the identification Syndrome related to the character played  by Mr. Moore will be one important factor.

2. Additionally, each year between filming seasons, Mr. Moore will make over seas tours in connection with The Roger Moore Collection.

Identification Syndrome

It is established that people in all  income groups form positive groups views in relation to persons seen through the TV media.

It is clear that the character played by Mr. Moore is sympathetic and excellent for the requirements of our various activates in Menswear and accessories.

The part harmonizes with Mr. Moore "real-life interests in men's wear to an even greater extent than his role in "The Saint" Series. 

Read actual  above document

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