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"The Persuaders" - episode guide 1971-1972


Directed by Basil Dearden, Roy Ward Baker, Stanley Hayers, David Greene, Roger Moore, Leslie Norman, Val Guest, Peter Hunt, Gerald Mayer, James Hill and Peter Medak.

Produced by Robert S. Baker.

Written by Brian Clemens, Val Guest, Terry Nation, Terence Feely, John Kruse, Michael Pertwee, Tony Williamson, Milton S. Gelman, Donald James, Tony Barwick, David Wolfe, Walter Black, Peter Yeldham and Harry W. Junkin.

Director of photography, Tony Spratling.

Music by John Barry. Sinclair's clothes designed by Roger Moore. Production company, Incorporated Television Co. Ltd. (UK). Color. 24 episodes, each circa 60 mins.

With Tony Curtis (Danny Wilde) Roger Moore (Lord Brett Sinclair) Laurence Naismith (Judge Fulton) and guest stars including, Joan Collins, Terry-Thomas, Geoffrey Keen, Peter Vaughn, Ian Hendry, Peter Bowles, Joss Ackland, Denholm Elliot and Diane Cilento.

Filmed on location in South of France, Italy, England and in Pinewood Studios, from May 1970 to June 1971. Premiered in Australia, then shown in UK from Sep 17, 1971 to Feb 25, 1972 on ITV.

Theatrical films compiled from the episodes: Chiamate Londra/London Conspiracy (1974), Qui Monte Carlo/Mission: Monte Carlo (1974), Operazione Costa Brava/Sporting Chance (1975), Operazione Ozerov/The Switch (1976), Ultimo Appuntamento (1977), Ancora Insieme (1977) and Che Coppia.Quei Due (1980).

1. Overture (Director: Basil Dearden - written by Brian Clemens) 17/09/1971

Brett and Danny are sent anonymous invitations to a hotel where they first meet and fight and are arrested. Judge Fulton agrees to have them released on condition they help him out by following the sister of a crime boss, who faked his own death two years earlier.

2. The Gold Napoleon (Director: Roy Ward Baker - written by Val Guest) 24/09/1971

Someone takes a shot at Danny, or was it the woman next to him a the airport? The woman turns out to be the daughter of a jeweller and a talented artist who created moulds for creating bronze replicas of Napoleon coins. Her father, involved with a crime syndicate, has been creating gold coins and passing them off as real as part of a smuggling operation.

3. Take Seven (Director: Sidney Hayers - written by Terry Nation) 01/10/1971

Jenny Lindley inherited her parents estate when they died but now Mark Lindley the long lost brother arrives with legal backing and evicts Jenny. Brett and Danny investigate Marks claims further and uncover the diary of the Lindleys nurse revealing the truth.

4. Greensleeves (Director: David Greene - written by Terence Feely) 08/10/1971

Brett's family mansion has been renovated without him knowing, so he sneaks in and discovers the occupants are looking for an actor to play Brett. He applies, gets the job and discovers he is a lure for an old school friend from Zanda who is blackmailed into signing mining contracts for nickel deposits in his country.

5. Powerswitch (Director: Basil Dearden - written by John Kruse) 15/10/1971

A photo of a dead girls leads Brett and Danny to multi-millionaire Lanning Koestler who admits to having an affair with the girl. They discover that Lanning is an impostor and that Mrs Koestler is secretly moving stocks to a company she owns, and when completed intends killing the fake Lanning.

6. The Time and the Place (Director: Roger Moore - written by Michael Pertwee) 22/10/1971

Stopping to help a stranded motorist Brett and Danny discover the body of a journalist which disappears and later turns up in a car wreck. After a visit to the journalists apartment Danny is kidnapped. A piece of carbon paper and an overheard conversation reveal a political coup and an attempt on the prime ministers life during a live TV broadcast.

7. Someone Like Me (Director: Roy Ward Baker - written by Terry Nation) 29/10/1971

Brett is lured into the woods and knocked unconscious, he wakes up in a fake hospital where he is held for 7 days, then returned to his home. He finds that someone has been impersonating him during the time he was held captive. A friend of Brett's, Sam Milford, is coming to see him and there have been several attempts on his life, is Brett's double going to try to kill him?

8. Anyone Can Play (Director: Leslie Norman - written by Tony Williamson) 05/11/1971

Danny proves unbeatable at the roulette wheel when he accidentally uses a secret code word on arrival at a club. He is mistaken for a communist paymaster, and when he is revealed attempts are made on his life. The mistake also jeopardises a British Intelligence operation to break the communist network.

9. The Old, the New and the Deadly (Director: Leslie Norman - written by Brian Clemens) 12/11/1971

Danny is pictured with a statuette of a German eagle belonging to Denton. An ex-Nazi who set up Suzanne Wagers father for his own crimes orders Danny killed. Denton tries to sell evidence to Suzanne that her father is innocent but is later killed and the statuette missing. The only lead they have is a Rolls Royce they spotted leading them to the evidence.

10. Angie ... Angie (Director: Val Guest - written by Milton S. Gelman) 19/11/1971

Kyle Sandor is enjoying himself at the Cannes Film Festival, but someone is out to kill him for agreeing to testify into organised crime getting involved in union activities. Kyle is shot at which leads Brett to a boyhood friend of Danny's, Angie. Danny and Angie eventually confront each other leading to a manhunt in the mountains.

11. Chain of Events (Director: Peter Hunt - written by Terry Nation) 26/11/1971

A camping trip leads to the discovery of a dying parachutist who handcuffs an attaché case to Danny's wrist before he dies, Danny is now a target and he can not remove the case without the key. An intelligence officer Emily Major is dispatched to recover the case and helps Danny get to the key before he is killed.

12. That's Me Over There (Director: Leslie Norman - written by Brian Clemens) 03/12/1971

Cliff Turner involves Brett in a scheme to expose his bosses illegal activities. He hands over evidence to Ann Summers, just before he is killed, and Brett is kidnapped and later escapes. Danny pretends to be Brett when Ann calls and agrees to accept the evidence at a London auction room.

13. The Long Goodbye (Director: Roger Moore - written by Michael Pertwee) 10/12/1971

Brett and Danny discover the remains of a scientist, Brian Wilks, and his secret formula for a synthetic fuel. Three different girls all claim to be Wilks daughter, Danny is kidnapped, an oil tycoon offers them money, and Wilks former partner also lays a claim for the formula. The real daughter decides to fulfil her fathers last request to destroy the formula.

14. The Man in the Middle (Director: Leslie Norman - written by Donald James) 17/12/1971

A spy in British Intelligence is discovered, but to expose him Brett must meet his accomplice pretending to be the spy. Unfortunately a British agent, Kay Hunter, now thinks he is the spy, and the other side take him to their embassy. Danny rescues him, but too late to prevent Kays kidnapping.

15. Element of Risk (Director: Gerald Mayer - written by Tony Barwick) 24/12/1971

Lomax, a known criminal, arrives in London and hides his case with Danny's luggage when he is approached by security. Danny is picked up thinking he is Lomax, and told of a bullion robbery he is to be involved with. Brett finds the missing Danny, Lomax escapes and things come to a head.

16. A Home of One's Own (Director: James Hill - written by Terry Nation) 31/12/1971

Danny buys himself a cottage in the country. The local squire, Rupert Hathaway, owns the land around the cottage and offers to buy it from him, as he does not want people around that could interfere with his illegal activities. Brett and Danny receive help from a bird watcher who turns out to be working for the fraud squad.

17. Five Miles to Midnight (Director: Val Guest) 07/01/1972

An assassin, Frank Rocco, in self imposed exile to avoid tax evasion charges, kills an Italian underworld boss. He makes a deal with the US to exposing a crime syndicate for a reduced sentence, but first Danny and Brett must get him out of the country alive, with the help of a female photographer.

18. Nuisance Value (Director: Leslie Norman - written by David Rolfen and Tony Barwick) 14/01/1972

Lisa is in love with Michael, a man her rich father, Zorakin, does not approve of. They both fake her kidnapping to extort money out of Zorakin, who blames Danny and puts a price on his head. Brett agrees to hand over the ransom and attempts to clear Danny's name. Things backfire on Lisa when she is double crossed.

19. The Morning After (Director: Leslie Norman - written by Walter Black) 21/01/1972

Brett wakes up after a party the night before to discover he is married. Danny investigate the matter by tracking down the witnesses, one of which has a photograph of a Scandinavian diplomat Lars Seelman. Brett is to entertain Lars, only for him to be kidnapped.

20. Read and Destroy (Director: Roy Ward Baker - written by Peter Yeldham) 28/01/1972

Felix Meadowes an old friend of Brett's and spy is on the run, so Brett puts him up in his stately home. Having worked for several countries his memoirs are wanted by every side. Brett is recruited by the British, Danny by the Americans, and several other players get involved including Felix's two wives.

21. A Death in the Family (Director: Sidney Hayers - written by Terry Nation) 04/02/1972

Someone is killing members of the Sinclair family. Brett's cousin Kate is convinced it is a distant relative after the title and lands. After drowning, electrocution, poisoning and an unfortunate incident with a castle gate, it is discovered that one of the victims did not die after all.

22. The Ozerov Inheritance (Director: Roy Ward Baker - Harry W. Junkin) 11/02/1972

The ownership of the Grand Duchess Ozerov's family jewels is being questioned in court, Brett and Danny agree to help her find proof. A historian, Ganguin, is murdered and a book written by Brett's uncle is found. When they go to see him he gives them diaries that contain the evidence they need.

23. To the Death, Baby (Director: Basil Dearden - Donald James) 18/02/1972

Shelley Masterson has fallen for a common, Foster, only after her money according to her financial advisor Hatton. Brett and Danny both try to win her affections to lure her away from Foster, but they eventually decide to buy him off, only for Shelley and Hatton to disappear too with Foster and $200,000 of Brett and Danny's money.

24. Someone Waiting (Director: Peter Medak - written by terry Nation) 25/02/1972

Brett decides to enter his new car in a race, but receives threats on his life if he does so. A man is paid to beat up Brett, and he is almost run down. Drivers are being offered money to throw the race, and an attempt to destroy Brett's car is foiled. Is this the work of organised crime or an vendetta against Brett?

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