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More on UNICEF and Roger Moore

Sir Roger targets Selfridge over foie gras - 5 November 2009

Robert S. Baker obituary - October 2, 2009

Sir Roger Moore's article against foie gras - 22 September 2009

Sir Roger honoured by the BECTU - September 2009

Time and Place : Sir Roger Moore - 24 May 2009

60 second with Sir Roger Moore - 20 May 2009

Sir Roger's Red Nose - 13 March 2009

Sir Roger in Israel to promote project against AIDS - 24 Feb. 2009

Sir Roger pays tribute to Pinewood - 5 February 2009

A Casino Night in Dublin - 16 January 2009

Culture Clinic : Sir Roger Moore - 14 January 2009

My Word Is My Bond promotional tour - December 2008

Sir Roger : And the Bond Plays On - December 2008

Sir Roger : his word is his Bond, an interview in NYC - 21 November 08

Sir Roger : My Hols - 19 October 2008

The highs and the lows of being Bond - 28 Septembre 2008

Sir Roger : "I'm the worst Bond apparently" - 23 September 2008

A Licence To Thrill - September 2008

Sir Roger in Nairobi - 14 August 2008

Tailor Doug Hayward has died - 29 April 2008

Sir Roger received the Dag Hammarskjöld Award - 25 Oct. 2007

Sir Roger honoured at the The Thalians' 52nd Anniversary Ball

Sir Roger honoured with star on "Walk Of Fame" - 11 Oct. 2007

Interview with Sir Roger - The Daily Mail - October 2007

Sir Roger launched the campaign "Schools for Africa" - Sept. 2007

Exclusive interview with John Glen - September 2007

Sir Roger gave June Randall the GBCT Award - June 2007

Sir Roger attended Dame Vera Lynn's birthday - Feb. 2007

Sir Roger as a keynote speaker at the Oxonian society

Sir Roger attended the opening of a museum in Crans-Montana

Sir Roger 's visit to UNICEF Hungary - Dec. 2006

Sir Roger at the J8 Summit - July 2006

Interview with Lynn-Holly Johnson - May 2006

Interview with Suzanne Lloyd - May 2006

Interview with Sir Roger : his 15 years as UNICEF Ambassador

An interview with David Hedison

Sir Roger to visit Jaipur as UNICEF envoy, 17/11/05

Sir Roger named Ambassador for Andersen Fest, 01/04/05

UNICEF, with Sir Roger set global poster challenge, 01/02/05

Tsunami in Asia: Aid plea from Sir Roger, 01/01/05

Sir Roger gets animated at UNICEF, 10/12/04

Sir Roger's son opinion about 007, 09/11/04

Roger Moore In "Peter Cottontail", 08/11/04

Roger Moore wants to play 007's nemesis, 25/10/04

An exclusive interview with Vlad Quigley

"Life is fun, even without tobacco" - a campaign with Sir Roger

More Moore for 007?, 13/07/04

60 seconds extra! an interview with Sir Roger, 24/05/04

Moore Junior up for Bond, 13/07/04

Kids are shaken, not stirred, at meeting Sir Roger, 24/05/04

Sir Roger at Her Majesty's Service again, 08/05/04

Sir Roger Helps Queen Elizabeth, 08/05/04

"Change For Good" - an interview with Sir Roger, 06/05/04

Sir Roger in Mexico City, 28/01/04

Sir Roger in Vienna for the traditional New Year's Concert, 01/01/04

Sir Roger in Tesco advertising campaign, 10/11/03

Sir Roger against fake autographed photos, 06/11/03

Sir Roger at the fundraising concert for "The Passage", 13/11/03

Sir Roger delivers urgent message about kids in Calgary, 08/11/03

Sir Roger lends his support to IKEA

Sir Roger to visit Vietnam, 27/10/03

Sir Roger to visit Cambodia, 23/10/03

Sir Roger activities in October 2003, 15/10/03

Sir Roger painted by Gary Morgan

Sir Roger has been knighted, 09/10/03

Congratuled by the Queen for his UNICEF work, 10/10/03

Sir Roger shaken as a Martini, 10/10/03

Call him Sir Roger, 09/10/03

Sir Roger received his knighthood, 09/10/03

Roger Moore receives knighthood, 09/10/03

Roger Moore attended the Red Cross Gala in Monaco, 08/08/03

UNICEF Germany turns 50, 07/07/03

Sir Roger to become a Patron of STARS, 27/06/03

Roger Moore's charity, 20/06/03

Absolutely Fabulous, Roger, 16/06/03

Roger Moore knighted, 16/06/03

An interview with Sir Roger Moore on BBC, 15/06/03

Sir Roger "shamed" by Bond carelessness, 15/06/03

Knighthood for Roger Moore's work for UNICEF, 15/06/03

Sir James Bond..., 15/06/03

Roger Moore shaken and sirred, 15/06/03

The name's Moore, Sir Roger Moore, 14/06/03

Bond star heads honours list, 14/06/03

Roger Moore: a royal honor, 14/06/03

The Man With The Golden Gong, 14/06/03

Bond star Moore receives knighthood, 14/06/03

Roger Moore: Double-O heaven, 14/06/03

Roger Moore welcomes his third granddaughter, 26/05/03

Roger Moore with Manchester Utd for a campaign, 21/05/03

Roger Moore has signed a petition from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), 15/05/03

Roger Moore leaves hospital with a pacemaker, 09/05/03

Roger Moore taken to hospital, 08/05/03

Upcoming box-set release of THE PERSUADERS! 01/05/03

Roger Moore at the British Embassy in Berlin, Feb. 2003

Roger Moore honored by the German government, 10/02/03

Roger Moore at the Standard Film Awards (London), 30/01/03

Live and help live - November 2002

Roger Moore to watch his daughter perform in a new play, 18/12/02

Roger Moore attacks "'cruel TV", 15/12/02

When Roger Moore meets Roger Moore, 23/11/02

Roger Moore attended the new Bond film Premiere, 18/11/02

Moore returns from Zambia where millions suffer "hunger without hope"

Mr. Roger "Bond" Moore, 07/11/02

The Play What I Wrote..., 06/11/02

"The Persuaders" could return to US, 10/10/02

40 years of humour in the Official James Bond films!

Moore for Bond, 29/08/02

Roger Moore to raise money in Austria, 26/08/02

Peter Hunt has died aged 77, 17/08/02

Geoffrey Moore - The name's Bond, 10/08/02

Charity match at Manchester Utd: £600.000 raised, 12/08/02

Sir Alex Ferguson appointed children's charity envoy, 09/08/02

Roger and Kristina Moore attended the 42th Monte Carlo TV Festival

Christina Knudsens' wedding

Charity Premiere of "Chitty Chitty Bang Ban"' London Palladium 09/04/02

Disney opens Paris park with Roger Moore as guest honour, 16/03/02

Roger Moore backs Ewan McGregor for 007 role, 04/03/02

Roger Moore attended Joan Collins' wedding, 17/02/02

Roger Moore about UNICEF and Bond - a chat on BBC

"The Enemy", a review by Ed Hulse

The Red Cross Ball in Monaco, 24/08/01

Roger Moore attend the Red Cross Ball in Monaco, 03/08/01

Playing James Bond, he always envied the villain

A review of the film "The Enemy", by Bartosz Kazana

A review of the film "The Enemy", by Delmo Walters Jr

Peter Ustinov, joined by Roger Moore, is honoured in Berlin, 12/04/01

007 has Moore than meets the eye..., 23/03/01

Interview with Roger Moore published in the Australian magazine "TV Week", February 2001

Roger Moore: "why I love skiing", 27/02/01

Roger Moore at the BAFTA, 25/02/01

Roger Moore pays tribute to Sir John Mills, 21/02/01

Women appreciate the Roger Moore's voice, 04/01/01

Roger Moore in Ljubljana 20/07/00

Roger Moore

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