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"The Saint" - episode guide 1962-1969

118 episodes (including 4 of which two films were compiled). 71 black and white, and 47 in colour; each episode circa 60 minutes. Nine of the episodes were directed by Roger Moore. Directors indicated in brackets.

Directed by Michael Truman, John Gilling, David Greene, John Ainsworth, Jeremy Summers, Robert S. Baker, John Paddy Carstairs, Peter Yates, James Hill, Robert Lynn, Roy Ward Baker, John Moxey, John Krish, Ray Austin, Roger Moore, Ernest Morris, Leslie Norman, Pat Jackson, David Eady, Robert Tronson, Gordon Flemyng, Robert Asher, Freddie Francis, Jim O'Connolly and Alvin Rakoff.

Produced by Robert S. Baker and later also by Roger Moore (but he's uncredited).

Written by Jack Sanders, Gerald Kelsey, Dick Sharples, John Roddick, Richard Harris, Julian Bond, Norman Borisoff, Lewis Davidson, John Gilling, Harry W. Junkin, Leonard Grahame, John Kruse, Bill Strutton, Robert Stewart, Larry Forrester, John Graeme, Kenneth Hayles, Ian Kennedy Martin, Paddy Manning O'Brine, Terry Nation, Paul Erickson, Basil Dawson, Ian Stuart Black, Norman Hudis, Marcus Demian, Brian Degas, Michael Cramoy, Pat Lasky, Jesse Lasky Jr., Ronald Duncan, Leigh Vance, John Stanton, Roy Russell, Terence Feely, Alfred Shaughnessy, Anthony Squire, Michael Winder, Philip Broadley, C. Scott Forbes, Joseph Morhaim, Sandford Wolfe, Donald James, Robert Holmes, from the stories by Leslie Charteris.

Directors of photography, Lionel Banes, Michael Reed and Brendan J. Stafford. Music by Edwin T. Astley. The Saint Theme by Leslie Charteris.

Production companies, Incorporated Television Co. Ltd., Bamore Film Productions (created by Roger Moore and Robert S. Baker) and New World Productions (UK). Black & White (71eps) and Color (46eps). 118 episodes in general, each circa 60 mins.

With Roger Moore (Simon Templar) Ivor Dean (Inspector Teal) and guest stars including, Shirley Eaton, Honor Blackman, Nigel Davenport, Julie Christie, Samantha Eggar, Oliver Reed, Anthony Quayle, Jane Asher, David Hedison, Julian Glover, Nanette Newman, Dudley Sutton, Geoffrey Keen, Peter Vaughn, Walter Gotell, Patrick Allen, Lois Maxwell, Donald Pickering, Donald Sutherland, Edward Woodward, Bernard Horsfall, Peter Bowles, Cecil Parker, Anton Rogers, Stephanie Beacham, Freddie Jones, Ian Hendry and Patricia Haines.

Made at Associated British Elstree Studios and on location in England, from June 1962 to the summer of 1968. First shown in UK from Oct 4, 1962 to Feb 9, 1969 on ITV. From 1965 shown in USA on NBC.

Theatrical films compiled from the episodes: The Fiction Makers (1968) and Vendetta for the Saint (1969).

Year 1962 black and white [12 ep. aired]

1. The Talented Husband (Michael Truman) 04/10/1962
2. The Latin Touch (John Gilling) 11/10/1962
3. The Careful Terrorist (John Ainsworth) 18/10/1962
4. The Covetous Headsman (Michael Truman) 25/10/1962
5. The Loaded Tourist (Jeremy Summers) 01/11/1962
6. The Pearls of Peace (David Greene) 08/11/1962
7. The Arrow of God (John Paddy Carstairs) 15/11/1962
8. The Element of Doubt (John Ainsworth) 22/11/1962
9. The Effete Angler (Robert S. Baker) 29/11/1962
10. The Golden Journey (Robert S. Baker) 06/12/1962
11. The Man Who Was Lucky (John Gilling) 13/12/1962
12. The Charitable Countess (Jeremy Summers) 20/12/1962

Year 1963 black and white [15 ep. aired]

13. The Fellow Traveller (Peter Yates) 19/09/1963
14. Starring the Saint (James Hill) 26/09/1963
15. Judith (Robert Lynn) 03/10/1963
16. Teresa (Roy Baker) 10/10/1963
17. The Elusive Ellshaw (John Moxey) 17/10/1963
18. Marcia (John Krish) 24/10/1963
19. The Work of Art (Peter Yates) 31/10/1963
20. Iris (John Gilling) 07/11/1963
21. The King of the Beggars (John Gilling) 14/11/1963
22. The Rough Diamonds (Peter Yates) 21/11/1963
23. The Saint Plays with Fire (Robert S. Baker) 28/11/1963
24. The Well-Meaning Major (Jeremy Summers) 05/12/1963
25. The Sporting Chance (Jeremy Summers) 12/12/1963
26. The Bunco Artists (Peter Yates) 19/12/1963
27. The Benevolent Burglary (Jeremy Summers) 26/12/1963

Year 1964 black and white [25 ep. aired]

28. The Wonderful War (Robert S. Baker) 02/01/1964
29. The Noble Sportsman (Peter Yates) 09/01/1964
30. The Romantic Matron (John Paddy Carstairs) 16/01/1964
31. Luella (Roy Baker) 23/01/1964
32. The Lawless Lady (Jeremy Summers) 30/01/1964
33. The Good Medicine (Roy Baker) 06/02/1964
34. The Invisible Millionaire (Jeremy Summers) 13/02/1964
35. The High Fence (James Hill) 20/02/1964
36. Sophia (Roger Moore) 27/02/1964
37. The Gentle Ladies (Jeremy Summers) 05/03/1964
38. The Ever-loving Spouse (Ernest Morris) 12/03/1964
39. The Saint Sees It Through (Robert S. Baker) 19/03/1964
40. The Miracle Tea Party (Roger Moore) 08/10/1964
41. Lida (Leslie Norman) 15/10/1964
42. Jeannine (John Moxey) 22/10/1964
43. The Scorpion (Roy Baker) 29/10/1964
44. The Revolution Racket (Pat Jackson) 05/11/1964
45. The Saint Steps In (John Gilling) 12/11/1964
46. The Loving Brothers (Leslie Norman) 19/11/1964
47. The Man Who Liked Toys (John Gilling) 26/11/1964
48. The Death Penalty (Jeremy Summers) 03/12/1964
49. The Imprudent Politician (John Moxey) 10/12/1964
50. The Hi-jackers (David Eady) 17/12/1964
51. The Unkind Philanthropist (Jeremy Summers) 24/12/1964
52. The Damsel in Distress (Peter Yates) 31/12/1964

Year 1965 black and white [19 ep. aired]

53. The Contract (Roger Moore) 07/01/1965
54. The Set-up (Roy Baker) 14/01/1965
55. The Rhine Maiden (James Hill) 21/01/1965
56. The Inescapable Word (Roy Baker) 28/01/1965
57. The Sign of the Claw (Leslie Norman) 04/02/1965
58. The Golden Frog (John Moxey) 11/02/1965
59. The Frightened Inn-Keeper (Roy Baker) 18/02/1965
60. Sibao (Peter Yates) 25/02/1965
61. The Crime of the Century (John Gilling) 04/03/1965
62. The Happy Suicide (Robert Tronson) 11/03/1965
63. The Chequered Flag (Leslie Norman) 01/07/1965
64. The Abductors (Jeremy Summers) 08/07/1965
65. The Crooked Ring (Leslie Norman) 15/07/1965
66. The Smart Detective (John Moxey) 22/07/1965
67. The Persistent Parasite (Robert Tronson) 29/07/1965
68. The Man Who Could Not Die (Roger Moore) 05/08/1965
69. The Saint Bids Diamonds (Leslie Norman) 12/08/1965
70. The Spanish Cow (John Gilling) 19/08/1965
71. The Old Treasure Story (Roger Moore) 26/08/1965

Year 1966 colour [14 ep. aired]

72. The Queen's Ransom (Roy Baker) 30/09/1966
73. Interlude in Venice (Leslie Norman) 07/10/1966
74. The Russian Prisoner (John Moxey) 14/10/1966
75. The Reluctant Revolution (Leslie Norman) 21/10/1966
76. The Helpful Pirate (Roy Baker) 28/10/1966
77. The Convenient Monster (Leslie Norman) 04/11/1966
78. The Angel's Eye (Leslie Norman) 11/11/1966
79. The Man Who Liked Lions (Jeremy Summers) 18/11/1966
80. The Better Mousetrap (Gordon Flemyng) 25/11/1966
81. Little Girl Lost (Roy Baker) 02/12/1966
82. Paper Chase (Leslie Norman) 09/12/1966
83. Locate and Destroy (Leslie Norman) 16/12/1966
84. Flight Plan (Roy Baker) 23/12/1966
85. Escape Route (Roger Moore) 30/12/1966

Year 1967 colour [12 ep.aired]

86. The Persistent Patriots (Roy Baker) 06/01/1967 or 01/01/1967
87. The Fast Women (Leslie Norman) 13/01/1967
88. The Death Game (Leslie Norman) 20/01/1967
89. The Art Collectors (Roy Baker) 27/01/1967
90. To Kill a Saint (Robert Asher) 24/02/1967
91. The Counterfeit Countess (Leslie Norman) 03/03/1967
92. Simon and Delilah (Roy Baker) 24/03/1967
93. Island of Chance (Leslie Norman) 07/04/1967
94. The Gadget Lovers (Jim O'Connolly) 21/04/1967
95. A Double in Diamonds (John Gilling) 05/05/1967
96. The Power Artist (Leslie Norman) 19/05/1967
97. When Spring is Sprung (Jim O'Connolly) 02/06/1967

Year 1968 colour [14 ep. aired]

98. The Gadic Collection (Freddie Francis) 22/09/1968
99. The Best Laid Schemes (John Moxey) 29/09/1968
100. Invitation to Danger (Roger Moore) 06/10/1968
101. Legacy for the Saint (Roy Baker) 13/10/1968
102. The Desperate Diplomat (Ray Austin) 20/10/1968
103. The Organisation Man (Leslie Norman) 27/10/1968
104. The Double Take (Leslie Norman) 03/11/1968
105. The Time to Die (Roy Baker) 10/11/1968
106. The Master Plan (Leslie Norman) 17/11/1968
107. The House on Dragon's Rock (Roger Moore) 24/11/1968
108. The Scales of Justice (Robert Asher) 01/12/1968
109. The Fiction Makers [part 1] (Roy Baker) 08/12/1968
110. The Fiction Makers [part 2] (Roy Baker) 15/12/1968
Both episodes later shown in USA as TV films and in Europe shown in theatres
111. The People Importers (Ray Austin) 22/12/1968
112. Where The Money Is (Roger Moore) 29/12/1968

Year 1969 colour [6 ep. aired]

113. Vendetta for the Saint [part 1] (Jim O'Connolly) 05/01/1969
114. Vendetta for the Saint [part 2] (Jim O'Connolly) 12/01/1969
Both episodes later shown in USA as TV films and in Europe shown in theatres
115. The Ex-King of Diamonds (Alvin Rakoff) 19/01/1969
116. The Man Who Gambled With Life (Freddie Francis) 26/01/1969
117. Portrait of Brenda (John Gilling) 02/02/1969
118. The World Beater (Leslie Norman) 09/02/1969

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