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Sir Roger answers your questions August 2007

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Sir Roger Moore has added his voice to the international appeal for aid to help the people of Asia. Sir Roger says people should not forget the plight of tsunami victims.
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Dear Sir Roger

As your big birthday is nearing I just remembered that a nice colleague of yours celebrated the same birthday in February of this year. The all-time-and-for-ever-best-Miss Moneypenny: Luis Maxwell. There never has been anybody, there never will be anybody, but her (copyright For Your Eyes Only…)

I once heard her say in an interview “I practically grew up with Roger Moore” and she mentioned that she had met you already at RADA. So I think you must have known her for many years and you worked together with her not only in the Bonds but also in The Saint and The Persuaders. Well, I mostly loved the conversations between James Bond and Miss Moneypenny.

Do you have any special memory of her or any favourite tail? Are you still in contact with her occasionally? I hear she is living in sunny Australia these days…

Thank you very much and the very best wishes for September


Hi Martin
Yes Lois and I go back many, many years to our days at RADA in fact. I probably worked with Lois on more things than any other actor!

She does indeed live in Australia now, with her son, and we speak occasionally on the phone. For her last birthday, I gave her a call - her son told me where she'd be - and we had a nice chat. She's a lovely lady and such a joy to work with.


Hi Sir Roger,
  I've just been reading, on another website (http://www.hammerfilms.com/features/interviews/veronica_carlson.html), a transcript of an interview that the actress Veronica Carlson gave. She starred in several Hammer horror movies in the late 60/early 70s, and was a co-star of yours in Crossplot and an episode of The Saint.

When asked about a rather uncomfortable rape scene she had to perform during the making of Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, she says: "It was a terrible time.... we tried to find ways around shooting it.... I'd done an episode of The Saint with Roger Moore and Roger came from his set next door to comfort me".

Do you have any recollection of this incident and, if so, could you tell us more about it?


Jonathon, Wakefield, England. 

Dear Jonathon
I have vague memories of Veronica filming on an adjacent stage, and that it was pretty horrific, but I'm afraid I don't recall too much more about it. Hammer was quite busy at ABPC whilst I was shooting The Saint as they'd moved from their Bray Studios base and they made so many films of the same type that memory tends to blur them a little . I often bumped into old friends and colleagues on the Hammer sets, including Christopher Lee. That was nice.


Dear Sir Roger,
My question is What was it like working with Christopher Walken During the making of A View To A Kill? Did you meet him after that ever again? He has stared in a lot of movies lately.

Best Regards,
Connor Burnett.

Hi Connor
Chris Walken was a joy.
I've often said that VIEW was my least favourite Bond film. However, Chriswas terrific to work with and was the first Oscar winning actor to be cast in a villainous role in a Bond film. He added a great quality to the film and was one of the highlights of it as far as I'm concerned.
We bumped into each other occasionally afterwards, as you do, but alas haven't had the opportunity to work together again. A nice guy.


Dear Sir Roger,

First of all, I'd like to say thanks for your endearing contributions to the James Bond canon. You've provided me with some great grins, and laughs for which I could never repay you. Your films rank among some of my favorites from the Bond series.

I'm sure you've seen most of the other Bond films other than the ones you performed in. My question is: Out of all the Bond films you DIDN'T star in, which one do you think you wish maybe you HAD starred in? In other words, which from the other films could you have seen your self doing, because they just seemed really fun (like your films) and just really appealed to you? It could be anything from before or after your tenure as 007, from Sean's "Dr. No" to Daniel Craig's "Casino Royale." I'd love to see your response. http://www.roger-moore.com/images/forum/smilies/smile.gif
                           Best wishes,
                                 - Dave 

Hi Dave
Well it certainly wouldn't be Casino Royale - jumping across those cranes and the building site. No thanks very much. I don't have that sort of energy! Daniel Craig deserves every penny of his salary for that alone.
I don't think there is one that I've ever said "oh I wish I had done that". I made seven, and they were all successful. Well, maybe I could have done one of Pierce Brosnan's - or rather could have done with one of Pierce's pay cheques!
I think I was right for the films I made, just as the other actors were right for the ones they made. I'd have liked to have done another with Lewis Gilbert, but that's as far as my 'wish' goes. .

Dear M. Moore,

I hope you are very well.

I have recently read an old interview of the late Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli.
He told a funny annecdote about you: after the end of the shooting of your Bond Movies, you took away with you your costumes of 007.
Was it just a sort a joke, a mean to keep the spirit of your 007 Movies "alive", or something else?

Did the costumes have an importance for you?

Did you do the same for "The Saint" and for "The Persuaders"?

Thank you very much!

Best wishes from France.

Pierre H.

ps: I saw 2 weeks ago an interview of you in Crans-Montana for a swiss chanel (TSR), the journalist was Pierre Smets.
As we share the same passion for Switzerland, I wish you for the rest of this summer a wonderful time in the Alps.


Hi Pierre
I used to get the suits ... because I'm cheap and don't like buying my own!
No, on a Bond, often you'd find there'd be five or six of the same suit made ... and all tailor made. EON used to like to keep some for their archive, but obviously not every single one, and as they were tailor made for me then it seemed only fair that I should get the odd one or two. I probably had a few from The Saint and Persuaders too. It's a little perk that actors get from time to time. Alas they wouldn't fit now, even if I had them (a lot later went to charity auctions and the like) as quite a few of my suits have since shrunk in my wardrobe. Most odd that they should, but they do.

“Now that I am home what will I tell the wife about yet another freebie suit?
I am sure it will come in for some occasion? After all it was free”!

Dear Sir Roger,
I'm 39 years old and your Italian fan since your first 007 movie. Since in Italy we use to watch dubbed movies, have you ever heard yorself dubbed by our Pino Locchi, who has been the offcial dubber of you and all Sean Connery's films? If yes, what's your opinion about his interpretation?
Kind Regards

Lorenzo M.
Milan - Italy

Hi Lorenzo
Yes I've seen the dubbed shows occasionally. I often think how much better it makes my performance!
Dubbing is a lot more difficult that it seems, and I've always said you need to be a good actor to be able to dub someone else - and capture all the little nuances and inflections. I often cringe at the memory of producers saying to me "this young lady has been cast opposite you". When I say "she can't act or doesn't speak English" they say "oh it's ok we'll dub her". Arrgh.
Thankfully there are people like Pino and Nikki van der Zyl who are masters in the field. What would we do without them?I

Thank you to Sir Roger Moore

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