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Sir Roger answers your questions January 2007

You can ask Sir Roger Moore a question this month HERE !

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Sir Roger Moore has added his voice to the international appeal for aid to help the people of Asia. Sir Roger says people should not forget the plight of tsunami victims.
Purchase gifts here and help UNICEF at the same time! Also you may get involved with UNICEF by joining or get alerts, or maybe visiting UNICEF in your country. Here


Sir Roger liked this question 1 the best and it wins the prize a book called Catching Life by the Throat; by Josephine Hart.

Well done Dixon and sorry to all the rest that sent in excellent questions at least you can enjoy Roger’s answer to your question.



Dear Sir Roger, I supposes that you met several times with Leslie Charteris (author of The Saint novels) and Ian Fleming (creator of the James Bond character ). Which are your memories about this writers and what was the perception of them about your performances. How do you thing that should be the relation between of an author and an actor? Thanks a lot.
Dixon Moya
Bogotá, Colombia.

Hi Dixon

I'm afraid I never met Ian Fleming. He died long before I was suggested for Bond, so I never had the opportunity.

I did, however, get to know Leslie Charteris quite well. Initially, when I tried to buy an option on the stories in about 1960, he turned me down. So that wasn't a fun meeting. However, when it all happened with Bob Baker producing in 1962, Leslie was very gracious towards me and we became friends. He would visit the set from time to time, and we would lunch. He had very firm views on the stories and how they were adapted for tv. He often criticised the adaptation writers, sometimes scathingly, though he never said anything about me or my performance; well at least not in public!

I admired him greatly and am still in touch with his widow Audrey.

Dear Roger,

Hello Roger, I'm a nineteen year old fan of the Bond films and I must say, even though I liked all the Bond actors, you were my personal favorite.

I notice the videogame medium is a new way for actors to display their skills outside of the studio. Clint Eastwood is working on adding his voice to a Dirty Harry game, Al Pacino reprised his role as Tony Montana for a Scarface game and even the late Marlon Brando lended his voice to a Godfather game.

My question is related to the 2005 release of Electronic Arts "From Russia With Love" videogame which was based on the Connery film of the same name of course. Sean Connery himself actually did the voice-over work for the game. So my question is if you were ever approached for this kind of project, would you accept? If so, would there be a particular Bond film of yours you'd prefer to do a game version of?

Thank you dearly,

Dear Kyle

In short, yes, of course I'd do it. There was a discussion a year or so back about possibly looking at Moonraker, which I thought would work rather well, but then EA lost the Bond licence. That was that.


Dear Mr. Moore,
Now I am happier than last time, and I hope you are also very happy in this new year we have just started. Surprise! I passed my physics exam on 8th January! Thank you for the advice you gave me in your last answer. Somehow your advice and support helped me!

My question for January is about your knowledge of other languages. Sometimes we have seen you speaking some words in different languages in your films, like German, Spanish or French.
Moreover, as a Unicef Ambassador I suppose you should know different languages to comunicate with many different people in other countries, especially when you have to make speeches or lectures.
So my question is: How many languages do you really know? When did you learn them and which do you prefer?
That´s all for January. Take care and wrap up well!
Friendly from your Spanish youngest fan,

David Herce Pérez

Hi David

Una qué pregunta interesante!

I have a spattering of a few greeting phrases ... I feel it is always polite, when travelling, to at least attempt to say a few words in the native tongue. However they are just 'Hello' and 'Thank you', aside from English I speak pretty fluent Italian and a reasonable amount of French. I know a little Swedish and Danish, but not much. I also know a few Welsh swear words thanks to Mrs Moore number 2. Todo el la mejor

Dear Sir Roger

I watched most of your new commentaries over the Christmas, my New Years eve was spent watching (or rather listening to your commentary) of Spy Who Loved Me. I drank too much red as well.

Anyway my question is - did you prepare yourself before each commentary, so you can remember all the people etc ? I only ask as I was staggered that you could remember so many names and faces. They are great commentaries or rather as you say 'conversations'.

Also do you have any favourite conversations on DVD’ ?

Also I recently started giving a monthly donation to UNICEF, through the 'payroll giving scheme'. I don't notice it going out of my salary and its not taxed. If it was not for your good self highlighting UNICEF and of course the Webmaster of this site for highlighting your work then I wouldnt have donated to be honest as I never really knew what UNICEF was about. Best Wishes Shane

Thanks Shane. How kind of you to support UNICEF like you do. It really does make a difference and makes an old actor feel his time hasn't been wasted.

I'm pleased you enjoyed the commentaries. Fortunately I was given full cast lists before I sat down to do each one, and that was very helpful, otherwise it was all stuff dredged up from my memories. I'm sure there are things I have forgotten, but I'm told that they came out pretty well, so I hope you felt the money well spent!

How to donate from your salary. If you want to make donations to UNICEF through your payroll all you need to do is print out, fill in and post UNICEF’s payroll giving form on this UNICEF webpage. HERE.

Hello Roger,

I notice you wear glasses now, but I have seen some pictures of you during late 70's early 80's at social gathering's wearing glasses. Have you always had a need for specs? Did you wear contacts in the old days? when you were playing bond etc?

Kind Regards


Northanmptonshire (UK)

Hi Robert

Yes, I've needed glasses for thirty years or so. I tended to wear contacts in films and tv, aside from the odd one like The Naked Face. I find contact lenses such a nuisance though and think I look better in glasses thesedays (they hide the bags under my eyes) so tend to prefer them to contacts.


Sir Roger,

I hope I'm doing this correctly (this is my first time posting).

In the summer of 1977, I saw you on "The Mike Douglas Show" in the USA and the entire show was dedicated to "The Spy Who Loved Me."

I've never forgotten the blooper reel shown. The exploding chair outtake was shown--which looked as painful as you've described! There was also a shot of you dropping your drawers in the Egyptian desert.

I've watched the new Ultimate Edition of "Spy" and really enjoyed your new commentary--

But my question is: will the footage I've mentioned ever see the light of day?

I've never forgotten them!

Thank you!


I know the footage you mention and have seen it myself

I thought they did feature in the new DVDs on the documentaries. Am I wrong? Certainly a few people have said they saw the exploding chair on there. I still wince at that memory.

If it isn't on there, chances are it must be lost as I know they scoured the archive for pretty much everything they could use.


Thank you to Sir Roger Moore

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