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Sir Roger answers your questions May 2005

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Sir Roger Moore has added his voice to the international appeal for aid to help the people of Asia. Sir Roger says people should not forget the plight of tsunami victims.
Sir Roger “It is hard to ignore the humanitarian disaster in Asia. Hundreds of thousands of children are in need Unicef needs your support to help these children and make a difference to their lives. Your donations to Unicef will help make that difference. Click on the link below to make an on-line donation or buy goods to help the hundreds of thousands of children and families struggling to survive the aftermath of the Asian earthquakes and tsunami .
Purchase gifts here and help UNICEF at the same time! Also you may get involved with UNICEF by joining or get alerts, or maybe visiting UNICEF in your country. Here


Sir Roger -

My wife and I were vacationing in the South of France a few years ago, and stopped in at Michelangelo in Monaco for lunch. As it happened, you were there having lunch with Lady Moore. As much as I would have liked to introduce myself and thank you for your work with UNICEF, I decided against it as I didn't want to disturb the two of you. My question is, do you mind when people approach you in public -- or in a restaurant, for that matter!

Regards, Brooks

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"Madam you only had to ask nicely for my autograph" !




I always remember seeing an actress I knew in a restaurant, and a fan went over to her and said "Excuse me Miss XXXXX, I'm sorry to bother you ..." at which she snapped "Well then don't"

I think that's awful.

Most people are very charming and polite, and what harm is it to say hello? I'm just glad people still recognise me!

One of my favourite films is The Sea Wolves because it contained my two favourite actors, being yourself and Gregory Peck. I think your portrayal of Gavin Stewart was one of the toughest, but this seemed appropriate to the character and you counterbalance this excellently with humour. My question is how you did find it working with Gregory Peck, did know him socially also ? I just loved his serious gentlemanly character.

I once asked for his autograph 10 years ago and I received the most wonderful reply which is one of my all time treasures.The pre-printed letter arrived which was also autographed. This is a small section."The good wishes which accompanied your request are genuinely appreciated, however. I feel very lucky to have enjoyed such a long career in films, and I know that it wouldn't have been possible without the loyal support of the good people like yourself. Autographed by Gregory Peck.


Greg was a lovely man. I knew him socialy for many years, and in fact we named our dog Greg in his honour! He had made a great many wonderful films and when it was suggested that Euan Lloyd would like to try for him for THE SEA WOLVES I was thrilled. To work alongside Greg and David Niven was both a treat and an honour. Well, it wasm't work - it was just three overgrown schoolboys messing around.




Hi, Sir Roger. I know that your daughter, Deborah, played in the film "Top Line" (1988 , with the Italian actor Franco Nero and the Colombian actor Rodrigo Obregón (son of a famous pinter Alejandro Obregón). This movie was filmed in Cartagena, Colombia, a beutiy city. Do you have been visited Cartagena or another colombian citie? I believe that Rodrigo also worked with your son Geofrrey in another movie. Do you know to Rodrigo or was met with him father? Do you have colombian friends? Do you have plans to visit Colombia?

Hasta pronto, Dixon Moya Bogotá, Colombia.

Yes Rodrigo has worked with most of my family! What good taste.

I have indeed been to Columbia - a beautiful country. It was many years ago mind. We occassionally hear from Susana Ponce de Leon at Columbian National Radio with whom I've done an interview or two.

Who knows, I might yet be offered a job in your lovely country!


Dear Sir Roger,

When watching you on TV or seeing photos on the website one can’t help noticing the remarkable harmony between you and your wife. And if I may add it also was obvious to me when I was lucky enough to see you both when you attended that funny car race near Vienna some time ago. You must be a very happy and loving couple.

I would like to ask you if your wife and you have a special recipe or secret for your successful relationship or if you just are lucky because of perfect chemistry?

As this question also concerns Lady Kristina I would like to take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to her as well.

Thank you for taking your time and ind regards

Martin (Vienna)

Besides being in love, we are great friends and do everything together. Maybe that is the recipe?

We are very definitely soul mates and enjoy being with one another - if I am working away from home I insist that Kristina should accompany me. She has a wonderful calming influence and everyone she meets falls in love with her. I'd better be careful!



Dear Sir Roger,

In "Moonraker" the great actor James Mason was originally cast to play Hugo Drax in that film.
When the film became a coproduction with the French, he was replaced by Michel Lonsdale, another fine actor.
Surprisingly you would meet James Mason, after you had finished filming "Moonraker", at the set of "ffolkes"!
Perhaps you could share some thoughts about him with us. Was he disappointed by not getting the part in "Moonraker?"
What kind of man was he in general?


I never really knew much about the casting for Moonraker. I think it was decided quite early on that Michel would be cast though, as Cubby left London well in advance of Moonraker to set up residence in France. So

James Mason's "involvement" was probably quite early on in the prep.

I loved working with him on ffolkes, and remember that Andrew McLaglen (the director) telling me that James was a cat lover, and had made it known that if he got wind of any of the cats on set being treated less than royally, there would be trouble.

It did present a problem or two, as some of them were very lively and wouldn't sit still. For one or two scenes the vet did actually sedate a couple of them mildly so as we could handle them. Had James found out, he'd have probably marched off the film!

He was a terrific professional. A lovely man.


Dear Sir Roger Moore,

Are you still friends with Tony Curtis, and have you met him many times since The Persuaders? If you have what was the occasion or occasions? If so heve there been any photographs taken, or films of you and Tony together since the programe ?

Sorry I added to this question I hope you are count it as one question.

From Bebue

Brett Sinclair says "Obviously we meet Daniel. Even so they're going to replace us in the new film The Persuaders. Danny Wilde says they had better give us cameo roles or there will be trouble"

Sure I am friends with him. We've met socially a few times since filming, though we've never worked together again. They were usually parties in Hollywood, and I dare say photos were taken but I'm afraid I don't have any.I never carry a camera, though wish I did sometimes!

If we can not have real pictures of Roger and Tony together, Photoshop will provide them :-) Alan.

Thank you to Sir Roger Moore

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